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Intelligent Robot Technology · Factory of the Future--Reached a new robot to participate in Essen Welding & Cutting Fair

Number of visits: Date:2013-07-11

  18th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair and 2013 China International Robot Show(CiROS) were hold at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 18-21 and July 2-5. Shanghai STEP ROBOT participated in these two exhibitions in E7 Hall. This is the first time that STEP robots appeared in the public.

  STEP robot attracted many people in the exhibition to visit and consult the detail of STEP robots. Visitors showed consistent recognition and praise on STEP robot R&D team which can develop the controller, software, robot mechanical structure and servo system. STEP ROBOT can provide total solution according to the client demanding.

During the exhibition, STEP ROBOT showed the robot palletizing system which can be used in food and packaging industry, arc welding system, positioner cooperation working system, high accuracy servo system and robot drawing system.

Robot palletizing system with visual recognition  This demo system simulates the palletizing job in the assembly line. Palletizing job is finished by two robots. One robot puts the box into the assembly line according to the program set in the controller. The box on the line will be disturbed by a disturb machine, so the box position and orientation of the box will change. When the box arrive the picture capture position, one camera will take a picture. After the calculation, the 2nd robot will be told the box new position and orientation with its running speed. When the box arrive the suitable position, the 2nd robot will catch it and put it on the set place. This demo system attracted a lot of visitors. Many clients showed high interesting on the system.

SR275 Large load robot This palletizing robot can catch max 275kg product. This type of robot use parallelogram structure to ensure robot arm without balance disturb and to make the product in horizon state to avoid unnecessary TCP rotation. Compared with other company robot, SR275 is much bigger than others with a 2.5m height and more than 3m working radius.

Arc welding and binocular vrecognition loading and unloading demo system  This isual demo system simulates the product recognition, loading, welding and unloading job in the welding process. Two robots do the cooperation welding job together. One robot which has two cameras can detect the product position precisely and catch it to put the product on the working table. Another robot will finish the welding job after the first robot sent the signal to it. Robot welding is an industry with high process demanding. To finish the welding job, the robots system should have high accuracy, system stability and high reliability. To satisfy the welding process demanding, STEP robot team has developed the welding seam detect, welding seam track, arc swing and multi-level welding function, etc.

8 axes cooperation demo system(with 2 axes positioner)  This demo simulates the actual welding situation that the product position need to be adjust (with help of the positioner) that the welding seam can be put in the best welding position. The demo consists one positioner(2 axes) and a 6-axis robot. The robot and positioner do the cooperation to finish the welding job.

Self-developed high-precision servo  If we cannot finish the R&D according to the client demanding; if we have not mastered the core tech of the robot, STEP Robot will lose the market competitiveness. This is the one reason that STEP R&D the robot servo by itself. This servo system has been used in STEP robot system. Such servo system has attracted a lot of other robots company to visit.

Robot drawing system  STEP robot takes a picture of the visitor face and finishes the sketch on the paper after the self calculation. Such system has attracted many common visitors’ interesting.

These two exhibitions are milestones to STEP Robots. With STEP strong ability in software development and customized solution providing, STEP robots will have a brilliant future.




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