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STEP 2012 shareholders' meeting held

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STEP 2012 shareholders' meeting held


   On May 13, 2013, STEP 2012 shareholders' meeting was held at the Report Room of STEP. The meeting reviewed and approved the 2012 Report of the Board of Directors, 2012 Financial Report, 2012 Profit Distribution Plan and other reports.

    It was learned at the meeting that in the reported period, STEP achieved sales revenue of 840,478,200 yuan, a YoY increase of 27.87%, operating profit of 13,733 yuan, total profit of 15,992 yuan, and net profit of 14,141 yuan, representing increases of 10.02%, 18.30%, 20.74% respectively.

    During the reported period, STEP had been adhering to the independent innovation model and paying attention to the cutting-edge technologies of the industry, relying on “control” and “drive” the two core technologies achieved through independent innovations as the foundation for future product development, while being dedicated to the R&D of new elevator control systems, new elevator drives, high-performance industrial control inverters, servo drive precision position control systems, energy feedback and other products and the cultivation of new industries growth points. It implements the overall development strategy “establishing market dominance through leading technologies, extending markets through technology expansion, and driving technology upgrading through market extension”, which encourages the mutual propelling of technology and market in all operational work. The market space for elevator products has been constantly expanded; both the core and the ancillary businesses have achieved rapid growth; in the aspect of industrial-class drives, constant innovations are made in the R&D of new products. Gratifying results have also been achieved in the development of new customers, and significant effects have been seen in the expansions of new areas. The company has successfully achieved doubled performances. In addition, the company has also achieved major breakthroughs in cultivating new growth points. The prototype development for high-starting-point Six- DOF industrial robots was successfully completed in 2012, which was included in the “2012 Shanghai major technical equipment development projects” by the Economic and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai, and received the support fund approved by the government in early 2013.

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