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STEP team participated in fun games

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STEP team participated in fun games


    April 25, the Fun Games of Employees of Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang “Zhidi Cup” Buildings and Park was held at Zhidi Piazza. Seven staff of the R & D center of STEP participated in the game and achieved excellent results.

    The Fun Games consisted of multiple events, including darts, skipping, hula hoop, slow bike riding and so on. STEP’s staff was seen in almost every event. In the women's darts game, Chen Jiayan was invincible throughout the game. After the match began, she calmly threw out a dart, which hit the center before the eyes of the audience could manage to follow it; after a few round, Chen has established her dominant position which other players found it difficult to surpass. Finally, she easily won the championship. In the woman’s rope jumping game, athletes were dancing with the jump ropes, especially Ji Liqin, who jumped faster and faster in the zealous cheers of the audience; at the end of the 30-second timing, the referee announced that her score was 143. The audience burst into cheers! Finally Ji Liqin won the first place with no doubt. Yu Yan and Du Tingting both won the third place in the hula hoop and other events. When women athletes were reaping good results, the men athletes were certainly not to be outdone. Yang Lincheng won the second prize in the slow riding event with his superb artistry; in addition to his superb riding skills, Yang Chenglin also excelled at darts. After fierce competition, he won the second place by beating many other contestants. In the men’s rope jumping arena, Zhao Ying and Yang Lincheng won the second and fourth places respectively.

    The Fun Games came to an end in the midst of happy laughter. STEP’s players again plunged themselves into their busy work, different arenas, but different struggling spirit. They are making unremitting efforts for the future of STEP!

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